Why Telford

An inward investment heavyweight, Telford is a town ahead of the curve - a place where innovation and technology thrives, with history as its hallmark.

Home to 350,000 skilled workers living within a 30-minute drive, Telford’s connectivity is unrivalled. That’s why supply chain businesses choose our town, with more people employed in manufacturing than anywhere in the West Midlands.

Whilst metal and plastics have long been  our pedigree, looking to the future, Telford’s digital and tech sector has become a cornerstone of the local economy. Global powerhouses Capgemini and Incessant Technologies both boast UK technology hubs in the heart of our business district, with local universities specialising in digital education.

We also help businesses succeed. Through the Telford Land Deal, Enterprise Telford’s support has boosted inward investment by £236 million since 2016 - with international giants Magna International, Polytec and Filtermist among others choosing to set up advanced manufacturing facilities here.

Not only is Telford an attractive business destination, it’s a great place to live and work. Located at the heart of the West Midlands while boasting picturesque scenery, the town is recognised for its  first-class leisure amenities, entertainment and world renowned cultural heritage. Our Discover Telford initiative highlights the things to do and places to go for those looking to explore our destination.   

Central Government looks to Telford as a UK leader, and following £1 billion housing investment, our town is in the top five locations in the country for housing growth - with the population set to rise by 30,000 in the next 20 years, competitive house pricing and fantastic on-foot connections thanks to our new £12 million footbridge. The town also boasts excellent leisure facilities and is home to one of the largest exhibition centers in the UK.

Hailed as the ‘beating heart of UK investment’ by the UK Department of International Trade, Telford is an economic hub. We are home to over 6,250 businesses, from micro start-ups to large multi-nationals, across a diverse range of sectors - with employment levels above the national average and 600 new businesses started every year.

Building on our strong manufacturing, engineering and agricultural history, we’re a town that plans for the future. That’s why Telford has been dubbed the ‘silicon suburb’, due to the high levels of tech employment, digital focused education and our commitment to innovating the agri-tech sector.

This business strength is fuelled by our Economic Development Strategy, Enterprise Telford. We ensure there is a constant focus to unlock jobs and create growth – making Telford a natural home for investors, innovators and entrepreneurs, which is why we’re the fastest growing economy in the West Midlands.

By providing high quality business support, access to finance, local regulation and inward investment services, our Enterprise Telford initiative makes doing business here easy. This can do attitude to business has resulted  in secured record levels of investment and have seen over  £1 billion of capital development  in the area further improving connectivity and facilities for those who live work and visit our town.

We also work with businesses to ensure sustainability is maximised; reducing energy costs and enabling financial savings so they can invest further into their infrastructure and workforce. Our Business Environmental Support Scheme for Telford (BESST) is the UK’s leading sustainability network, created to improve environmental performance and reduce our town’s carbon footprint.

The Telford Land Deal has revolutionised development opportunities in our town. Since its inception in 2016, in partnership with Homes England, it has attracted £236 million of investment in the area - and we’re just getting started.

In the past two years, we have delivered £25 million-worth of development land sales - set to create over 1,000 new jobs as well as stimulating the construction of over 86,000 square meters of commercial floor space.

We ensure businesses and property developers have a ‘soft landing’ and that suitable sites are shovel ready with outline planning. This makes these sites ready for immediate development. Our team provides logistical assistance in improving site access, utility provisions and drainage, as well as helping to secure planning certainty prior to sale.

The Land Deal has proved instrumental in helping the region to secure record levels of Foreign Direct Investment, most notably a multimillion pound injection from Magna International, a supplier of aluminum castings to nearby Jaguar Land Rover.

Opened in Spring 2018, the firm’s state-of-the-art, 250,000 square ft plant has created 300 jobs and is one of the biggest, new overseas investments in the UK in the last ten years.

Other businesses supported through the deal include Austrian reinforced plastics supplier Polytec and German plastics and polymer specialist Craemer Group.

Telford’s connectivity offers unrivalled access to the West Midlands economy and the wider UK, making our town an ideal for businesses relying on physical distribution and supply chain to gain the competitive edge.

That’s why JLR supplier, Magna International, has invested in an industry-leading 250,000 square ft plant and logistics centre in the heart of Telford’s business district.

The town’s purpose-built infrastructure includes serviced business parks designed to sustain growth and our strategic approach to transport connectivity has secured over £40m of Government funding to maintain, improve and create the infrastructure needed.

Our new £12 million footbridge means that commuters have immediate access to the town centre from the nearby train station.

Other key connection investments include the Telford international Rail Freight Terminal that accommodates a wide variety of intermodal freight logistics with direct links to the national rail network, major sea ports and key locations across Europe via the Channel Tunnel.

Digital connectivity is also essential for business here in Telford, and through our Superfast Telford programme, 98 per cent of our borough currently enjoys superfast broadband coverage, with 100 per cent coverage by 2020. We know that effective use of digital technology is critical in driving efficiencies, as a tool for service-based business models and to facilitate collaboration across the supply chain.


Equipped, able and ready to work - Telford boasts a 350,000-strong skilled workforce within a 30-minute radius of the town, with more people employed in manufacturing than anywhere else in the West Midlands.

However, our focus on the next generation’s skills and talent is setting Telford apart. An investment of over £200 million from the UK Government has seen the number of STEM-enrolled students rise significantly, with all schools GCSE and A Level results outperforming the national average and high performing schools in Thomas Telford, Newport Girls High School, and Adams Grammar. 

Our ongoing support for Telford’s students spans industry events such as Discover Digital, where leading tech employers such as Capgemini, BT and Incessant Technologies engaged with 1,000 school children, through to the annual Apprenticeship Show at Telford International Centre.

The pathway to secondary education is also strong and Telford employers are able to draw on a large pool of graduates from the area’s nine universities. University of Wolverhampton now hosts a state-of-the-art Innovation Campus in the heart of Telford, and nearby Harper Adams University is a world leader in the agriculture, agri-tech, land management and sustainability sectors.

Put simply, at Enterprise Telford, we enable our young people to grow, inspire and achieve.


Telford is a vibrant place to live and work - a thriving town in the West Midlands with fantastic amenities, picturesque countryside, internal connectivity entertainment and cultural heritage.

Following £1 billion housing investment, Telford is the fastest growing town in the West Midlands and sits in the top five UK locations for housing growth - with the population set to rise by 30,000 in the next 20 years. From medieval themed properties through to modern housing estates, our town offers a wide choice of homes and some of the most competitive house prices in the UK.

Looking forward, modernising our town centre has been a key priority, evidenced by Southwater - a new multi-million pound leisure, entertainment and education spot on the edge of Telford Town park. Further to this, Telford Shopping Centre has gone through a £200 million transformation and a £12 million footbridge, creating a new link for commuters between our train station and town centre, will be finished in 2018.

From a visitor destination perspective, steeped in industrial history, The Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage site attracts 1.3 million visitors to Telford every year. What’s more, the town boasts an abundance of green space, with our leafy 140 acre park equating to the size of 670 Wimbledon tennis courts.

Ensuring Telford’s thriving business community succeeds is the main focus of everything we do. We provide top quality business support and serve as a vital link between the public and private sectors, enabling meaningful collaboration that benefits all.

Underpinning this is our commitment to every one of Telford’s diverse cross-section of businesses. Telford Business Board’s Sector Champions have fostered professional networks, whose members are invited to share knowledge, experiences and ideas to accelerate growth across the sectors’ ecosystems. No matter what sector you operate in, be it manufacturing, IT/Digital or retail, we will have the network for you.

Reflective of Telford’s mix of FDI and homegrown businesses, we cater for all sizes of organisations. Whether your business is an internationally renowned brand or a start-up in its first year, our business community can add further value to your operation.

Successful businesses understand the value of collaboration and Telford’s strong community networks will serve as the gateway. For links to existing networks of note, please see: